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Journal International Political Anthropology, vol. 2
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ARENA - RTE Radio One (IRL)
In Conversation - Radio Kerry
C103 FM - Six at Six (IRL)
Radio 1 (Latvia)
The Documentry Photographer (IRL)


'Where or When' (2014) Director of Photography
'An Emigrants Tale' (2011) Directed by Michael Murphy
'Fate of my Mother' (2010) Directed by Anne Healy
'My Beamish Boy' (2009) Directed by Mike Hannon



Ghosts of the Faithful Departed (Collins Press)
Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2020 (CSO)
Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2019 (CSO)
Photography in 100 Words - David Clark (Aurum Press)
Ireland, America and Return Migration - Dr Sinead Moynihan (Liverpool University Press)
Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2018 (CSO)
f lux ii
Census 2016 Results (CSO)
Portfolio Two (Royal Photographic Society)
Kuldīgas Impresijas
Eire - Ireland (Irish American Cultural Institute)
Ancient Light - John Banville (Pearson)
Histories of the Irish Future - Bryan Fanning (Bloomsbury)
The Irish Review (University Press)
The Autumn of the Patriarch - Gabriel García Márquez (Penguin)
Dodenlijst - Martin Österdahl (Ambo-Anthos)
Consolation – Cork County Council
International Handbook of Irish Studies (2020) Routledge
New Directions in 21st-Century Gothic: (2015) Routledge
Commemorating the Irish Famine: - Emily Mark-FitzGerald (Liverpool University Press)
Moral and political economies of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland (Manchester University Press)
Popular Catholicism in 20th-Century Ireland: - Síle de Cléir (Bloomsbury)
Ireland The Best 100 Places - John and Sally Mckenna (2019) Collins
World Press Photo (2010)
Photography Ireland 2001


Zurich Portrait Prize 2022
The Parted Veil 2019
Two Thousand Miles to Moscow 2018
Hennessy Portrait Prize 2017
RPS 159 2016
The Summertime of my Autumn 2015
International Color Awards Journal 2015
Addis Foto Fest 2014
RHA Annual Exhibition 2014
Delhi Photo Festival 2013
Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2013
RHA Annual Exhibition 2013
Escola dos Encontros da Imagem 2012
Eldercare; The changing face of Texas 2012
KL International Photoawards 2012
RHA Annual Exhibition 2012
National Portrait Gallery -Taylor Wessing (2011)
Una Corda (New York) 2010
Altered Images (IMMA) 2010
RHA Annual Exhibition 2009
Variations on Pianoforte 2009
Ghosts of the Faithful Departed (Photofusion) 2008
Close to Home (British Council) 2008


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