Blending light, space and intimacy, Creedon's photographs depict worlds that we otherwise might not have access to. With meticulous precision, he presents concepts, ideas, people and places in a stylish and sophisticated way. In his latest series, Behind Open Doors, Creedon spent three years in Cuba studying the complex and dynamic relationships of families. Throughout this period, Creedon captured intimate and transient moments that provide insight into a culture that has largely been hidden from wider view, and through these images Creedon encourages viewers to reflect upon their own lives.
- Aesthetica Magazine


David Creedon's images imbue in me the kind of romanticism I first felt, when aged fourteen, as I looked at a small reproduction of 'from the Back Window, 291', by Alfred Stieglitz, 1915, NY. They transpose you to an almost mythical place, that were you able to visit, could only fail to live up to the beauty captured so precisely and soulfully by such artists as Creedon and Stieglitz.
- Nigel Watts, Photographic lecturer Henley College United Kingdom


Creedon's meticulously made photographs document the interiors of abandoned homes in rural Ireland. A show well worth seeing.
- Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times


Among many photo exhibitions currently running in Tbilisi, it is the only one offering something beyond pure aesthetic pleasure. The story that attracted most visitors on the opening was one created by Irish photographer David Creedon. His "Ghosts of the Faithful Departed" reflects the product of the immense migration Ireland suffered in the late forties. Unlike other artists, Creedon presents the images of objects left by migrants, which provoke a sense of loss and reminiscence in visitors' hearts. The photos arouse pleasure through their beauty and excellent photography.
- Tako Chikhradze, Georgia Today


It is David Creedon's ability to empathise with and reflect what he sees, which makes this such a powerful exhibition.
- Vincent Kelly, Cork Evening Echo


It's almost like a Mary Celeste exhibition for a whole nation, of a place that has been left deserted; its extraordinary there is a ghostly present in all the pictures
- Barry Devlin, Director & Film Writer RTE Six–One News


David Creedon's, Ghosts of the Faithful Departed evokes an Ireland that was,…(and) captures apparently forgotten traces of lives lived, in spaces that have not yet been reclaimed and renovated. The photographs have been made with a clear eye for quite formal, planar compositions and a keen sensitivity to colour and texture….. In evoking the traumas and transformations of our history, the high hopes of those who left our shores and the slow painful transformations experienced by those who stayed…the images also invite association with our contemporary experience of migration – immigration – and what lies in its wake."
- Siún Hanrahan, Irish Arts Review


More lavish and conventional in form and presentation, Ghosts of the Faithful Departed is a substantial, handsome hardback that contains many strong images of dilapidated interiors. Creedon is a fine professional photographer with a conventional pictorial aesthetic.
- Aidan Dunne, Irish Times


Creedon strikingly documents the isolation of rural Ireland through a series of emotionally powerful images whose beauty often lies in their desolation.
- Shelley Marsden, Irish World


Ghosts of the Faithful Departed is an elegy for a previous generation of emigrants. The photographs are beautifully lit and composed and manage a lovely mix of poignancy and expection.
- David Robbins, Irish Independent


Ghosts of the Faithful Departed is a book of wonderful images.
- Pat Kenny, Today with Pat Kenny RTE Radio One


An absolutely stunning and beautiful book with haunting images
- Tom Dunne, Newstalk


There is much of the incredible illusion and memento mori of Dutch realism in Creedon's considered and beautiful compositions. He records these traces of occupancy and emigration with empathy and humour, and the result is a thoughtful and revelvant reflection on the passing of time.
- Fiona Kearney, Irish Arts Review


These haunting photographs transcend the documentary form and enter the realm of art. They are poems in photographs.
- Kevin Hegarty, The Mayo News


Creedon's focus on family is evident and there is a sense that he has captured something far more real than the classic images of rum, salsa, mulatas and classic American cars. Overall this is a great piece of work from a superb master of his craft.
- Cuba Absolutely